Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When you are feeling overwhelmed

One minute you are on the top of the world. The next moment your oldest daughter tells you she needs a long list of ingredients for her catering lesson at six thirty in the moment. Your youngest daughter needs forty ten pence pieces for her charity stall at school. Your inbox is full. And suddenly you have released that the deadline for lots of projects start looming.

Once you have stopped screaming.

Step away for a few minutes.  Have a cup of tea, stretch, maybe even poke your head outside.

Ask yourself what do you need to do first? Notice need not want. Then do that one thing. So this morning, I got the ingredients and the float money – but did not engage in the row with the kids about giving me notice. I sent some emails and rescheduled my diary. I am going to do the party shopping.

So why am I doing the party shopping?  I know I will get more done in the wholesaler’s coffee shop than at home. A change of environment can help. Don’t let your environment add to your overwhelm.

 One thing I do struggle with is losing the “done” mentality. “Done” is a myth. “Done” is the tomorrow that never comes.

Many people who read this blog know I struggle with the black dog and a few other mental quirks. Being overwhelmed, depressed, things playing on your mind? They are all feelings. Remember feeling overwhelmed is temporary.

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Quick Thought
“Overwhelm can mimic panic, and make you feel like it’s unending, unbeatable. It’s not. It is temporary, it is situational, and you have the final say in whether your day is defined by it.”


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