Friday, March 21, 2014


This is a common question at my writing group, one I wish I could easily answer. However, this is a good starting point.
The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook (A&C Black) publishes an up-to-date list of UK agents, along with the types of book they are interested in. There is a separate publication for children’s authors. The Writer’s Handbook (Palgrave) also contains this information. There are also several websites you can consult - for a fee. All you need do is peruse the list of agents, develop a shortlist of around 20 who handle your kind of book, then visit their websites, one by one, to whittle your selection down to your three favourites.

Here are some examples of the agents who are seen as the top of their specialisms.

JUDITH MURRAY of the agency Greene and Heaton represents Sarah Waters and specialises in historical and literary fiction.

PETER ROBINSON of the agency Rogers, Coleridge & White represents best-selling general fiction author Joanne Harris. 

VERONIQUE BAXTER of the agency David Higham Associates specialises in fiction for children. The agency represents Anne Fine and is the leading children’s writing agency in the UK

SARAH BALLARD of the agency Agents represents Nicci French and has a particular interest in psychological thrillers.

BILL HAMILTON of the agency A M Heath represents Man Booker prize-winning Hilary Mantel and specialises in literary fiction.

JANE GREGORY of the authors’ agents Gregory and Company represents best-selling crime writerVal McDermid and specialises in crime fiction and up-market commercial fiction.

Next is your pitch to your agent. 

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