Friday, March 28, 2014

Can you write when you are tired?

Freelance writers enjoy new challenges, meeting deadlines and working to a flexible schedule. But we all get burnt out. Deadlines appear in clusters. Rewrites are needed when you are working against the clock. And the electric kettle decided to die just after 2 a.m.

Plan Ahead

Thursday evenings tend to be crazy for me, the children need lifts home from after school activities, they need to be driven to Guides and music concerts, PCC meetings tend to fall on that evening too. So I plan ahead. When you have rushed around with your Mum hat on it is easy to put off work until the next day when you have had a good night's sleep. But what if you have a tight deadline to meet? Why should a client be sympathetic when you tell them you have not been able to deliver because you had a meeting at school to attend. It is highly possible that they too will be juggling deadlines. I try to work to the 'never leave until tomorrow what can be done today!'

A little planning ahead can go a long way.

Caffeine (and chocolate) Helps! But then so does exercise!

If I'm writing fiction, it is nice to wake up slowly and hit the keyboard. A brisk walk in the fresh air is good for non fiction and book keeping tasks. No one can dislike exercise as much as I do, but it does help honest!

When is Your Most Productive Time

Freelance writing allows some the opportunity to work a flexible schedule. Why not experiment with different work hours to see when you are at your most productive? That way, you will be more alert and able to get much more done. But make sure you keep a time sheet to log your writing hours. It is really helpful when you have to price jobs to know how long tasks REALLY take you.

It's not easy to write when you are tired, but it is certainly possible! I know many of us claim to be creative souls who can't concern themselves with the mundane. Writing is a job. Working is tiring. Many of us supplement our income with other jobs. But remind yourself that other occupations can be just as exhausting if not more. And if you are lucky enough to be working from home you are not getting up at 5 a.m to face a commute. Blessings counted, it's time to go back to work!

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  1. I needed this message. Thanks for writing this post!