Friday, October 18, 2013

THE EMISSARY by Greg Klerkx

Readers of my blog must remember my attempts to get on to a Reauthoring Event. The closest I came  was when I was included into the Portsmouth's 20 x 12 project. I LOVED the workshops. It changed the way I thought about my work. And it also helped to get a couple of non fiction publishing deals! 

I was extremely excited to receive this email from Greg today for two reasons. One, my email is finally working again. And two, I felt I finally had an opportunity to help a great guy back. 

Greg has just published a novel, and the details on how to get it are below. I do hope people will check it out.  

Open email from Greg;

'I've just published my first novel, titled THE EMISSARY. It's available as an e-book on Amazon via their Kindle Select programme, which means that Amazon is the only place you can get it (for now). You can get it here:

If you don't have a Kindle (I don't) you can still read it via a free, downloadable Kindle Reader that works on iPad, any smartphone, etc. That's available here

It's best to read the blurb on Amazon for a semi-detailed book description. I'll add that THE EMISSARY isn't for the easily offended, but it does tell a cracking story. Do pass this along to anyone who likes their dystopian fiction packed with inter-species genetic tinkering, militant polygamist cults, and just a touch of very black comedy.

Though you may get some duplication of this message via Facebook and Twitter - and I'll run a couple of Kindle promotions later in the year - I won't be endlessly flogging the novel at you...not because I don't want you to read it, but because I get annoyed at such relentless self-hype and figure you will, too. I will be blogging about how it feels to venture into self-publishing - from the perspective of someone who's only previously been published by a big publishing house - I'll be commenting more obliquely on the novel via a bespoke Pinterest board, '


Greg Klerkx

Greg is a writer and producer who began his career as a journalist in Southern California, where he won more than a dozen awards for commentary, feature and investigative writing.

A regular features contributor to New Scientistmagazine, Greg’s writing has also appeared in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Evening Standard,publications by DEMOS, and the New York Times. His first book, Lost in Space (Pantheon/Secker & Warburg was named among the best books of 2004 by the Independent and the San Francisco Chronicle.

In addition to co-leading the award-winning cultural producing company, Nimble Fish, Greg teaches writing craft and narrative development in schools and business settings and frequently conducts workshops for London-based writing charity, Spread The Word. More

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