Friday, October 18, 2013

Addicted to love - computer love!

I've heard that many addicts don't realise they have a problem until someone or something points it out.

I'm shocked and ashamed to admit my dependence on WiFi. I'm still having cold sweats over my week of no Internet connection AND no printer. 

Not being able to email - awful. 
Not being able to access the information from university - stressful. 

But I'm ashamed when I think of all the big issues in the world, such as the fact that many people in the UK are homeless and living on the streets, that I'm feeling out of sorts because for one week I've had to drive round getting free Internet connection in cafes. 

It's like always wearing a watch, and then one day forgetting to put it on. You check your wrist constantly. 

And it's not just checking emails that I use it for. I didn't realise how often I looked strange and bizarre things. Most of the time if I stopped to think I would realise I know the information that I'm looking for. But at some point in my life I have made a realisation that I don't have to remember anything, I can always check.

What's the past tense of the word sew? I reach for the iPad.
The name of the song going around my head....
What was Jamie's dog called in Jamie and The Magic Torch?

All these insane things I look up, and then instantly forget, because if I need the information again, I can just search it again.

So do I have another addiction to go alongside overeating? Probably, but I'm glad to have my regular WiFi fix back.

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