Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why I avoid writing poetry?

I love reading and listening to poetry. And occasionally I dabble myself but I'm alway left feeling frustrated. But the real reason I hate writing poetry is that I find that unlike writing short stories, poetry allows me to dribble on in a self pitying manner.

I find that the moment I start writing poetry I give myself permission to feel sorry for myself in the name of art. I shuddered at the thought of those lost works during my teens. The brief exploration of verse during my twenties. Those terrible stanzas after my miscarriages. And now I find that while I am old enough to know better, that once again the poet in me is longing for a voice. Some days knitting seems to be a safer hobby than writing.

Tonight I miss my husband,

Tonight I miss my husband,
I’m writing instead
of facing cotton sheets
without him.

Tonight I miss my husband,
I ache not for his touch
but the pleasure
of sharing our thoughts.

Tonight I miss my husband,
I want to divide the weariness
and delight, of being a parent,
to share the same space.

I can manage alone.
I'm competent at wiping
away my own tear. Tonight,
I don't want to be strong

I miss
my husband.

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