Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bagging first prize

It's always nice and exciting when you find out that you're won a prize or a piece of your writing is going to be published. I was overjoyed to get the email telling me I'd won. However, it's the first time I've ever read the judges comments about a piece of my work, needless to say that my face is still red and my tummy is doing backflips at the unaccustomed praise.

You can read my winning story on the site for free,

Here is an extract from their site.


WINNER: The Hive Mind by WriterBusinessWoman

SECOND: Romanians by valentinewilliams

THIRD : The Other Side of the Coin by baz

Here’s what our judge John Haynes had to say about the level of entries:-

All the stories were well worth reading and I had quite some difficulty in making a final decision. This was to a large extent because the stories varied quite a bit in their styles, themes and literary aims: it was hard to compare unlike with unlike.

The winning story, The Hive Mind, is exceptionally interesting in the way it combines agility of form on the one hand, engagement with people and ‘real life’ problems, and an unusual but extremely eloquent setting. The separation between the ‘us’ and ‘them’ of the story is admirably represented by the view through the telescope, both distant and yet near. The insecurity of the ‘us’ is expressed fearfully through convincing everyday family conversation mixed with social internet jargon. The story’s quasi SF quality evokes something which we can all feel already in aspects of our society."

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