Thursday, November 1, 2012

20 x 12 Portsmouth Book Fest 2012

I had a great time with the 20 x 12 project. It was so nice to meet other local authors, learn about the Reauthoring Project and have an opportunity to read our work out loud in the community. I have met so many writers in my life who have turned their noses up at opportunities like this but I have found that the more you say yes to new experiences the more opportunities come your way.

The project meant that not only did I get to meet and hear the work of some great authors such as Annie Kirby, James Law, Maggie Sawkins and Andrew Prior. I met some shining personalities such as Matt Wingett and Joanne Mallon. I was sorry when the project started to come to an end and expected maybe a drink in the pub and another entry on my writers bio. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out that there is the possibility of a collection of the writings that featured in 20x12 being published.

The book will be a not-for-profit venture, with all proceeds from sales going to a fund designed to promote Portsmouth writers - either in the form of future presentations, or a to promote additional books in the future. The book would go on sale around Portsmouth and would also be handed out to visiting luminaries involved in culture.

I do hope the project goes ahead. Since I produce an anthology every year for The Writers @ Lovedean I appreciate the hard work ahead for Mart Wingett and Dom Kippin especially as in their email they are hoping to have it out before Christmas.

Obviously I have already sent my submission, never let it be said that I sat back and missed an opportunity to see the name in print!

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