Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poet David Swann at Portsmouth Writing Hub

I went along to my first meeting of the Portsmouth Writing hub tonight. I can't believe it has taken me so long to go along, what was I nervous about? Everyone was really friendly.

Tonight's guest speaker was a five times, Bridgeport Prize winning poet, David Swann. He was absolutely amazing. We enjoyed listening to extracts from his anthology The Privilege of Rain. The collection was inspired by his time as Writer in Residence at Nottingham Prison. He was an entertaining speaker with a great mix of interesting stories, advice and of course reading from his collection.

Best of all he told us all how to avoid a prison riot, one of those useful bits of advice that stays in your mind even though you are unable to remember your pin number at the check out at ASDA.

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  1. Argh I have just looked at your photo on here very closely and realised that I might have been sitting right behind you tonight! The last sentence of this blog post made me laugh by the way, very funny (and too true).