Monday, June 11, 2012

How to create a trailer for your Ether Sci Fi Story

1.Find some copyright and royalty free video footage from the Internet, I used downloads from the following site:

2. Find some copyright and royalty free music from the Internet, I used a download from the following site:

3. Write out the script for your advertisement, it is best to do this after you have downloaded your images because you may want to tailor it to fit your story and the images you have chosen.

4. Make sure you include the link to where people can download your story.

5. You need some software. For my promotional video I used: magix movie edit pro. Unfortunately, this wasn't free, my hubby had it on his machine. There are some free ones out there. This is where my new found technology skills began to waver, I felt like I was in a NASA space shuttle, and had to enlist my husband help.

6. Next is to post it on youtube I had to look at this site: take heed you cannot change your user name once you've pick it. It will also ask you to describe the link and put in tags - I wished I had put more thought into that!

7. Once you have posted on YouTube, you may want to save or email yourself your link so you don't lose it!

8. Post it on your Facebook, twitter, blog accounts and cross your fingers that you will get people to download your story.

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