Sunday, April 1, 2012


Natalie Bowers member of The Writers @ Lovedean as come up with another fun and funky writing project called Flashpoints:

It is definitely worth while checking out the site and having a go.

Flashpoints is the brainchild of flash-fiction writer, Natalie Bowers, who is running another project for National Flash-Fiction Day over at Why not check it out?  She blogs at Details of her latest project can be found at

The girls and I all had a go at Flash Point Fiction yesterday at Gunwharf and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Only my daughter, Jessica's stories were published on the Flashpoint site.  She is so excited about her new hobby, that she as started her own blog called Flashpoint it!  Well done Jessica.

So once again, I haven't done my housework or the garden I have been sitting working on a writing project with my little girl.

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