Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sometime you just have to get on with it.

Have you ever spent three hours ironing, finished up, put the board and the iron away, only then to realise that you have missed the six shirts on the line? 

Recently, the majority of my paid writing jobs have been educational resources. After months of work, editing, and peer review I wrongly assumed that I had crossed the finish line. They are now published and on sale! Finished. Pat myself on the back. Walk away and start something new.

Of course I didn't factor the changes in curriculum for 2014.

The emails came in thick and fast requesting that I:

1. Complete a cross-reference table to insert at the start of your resource after the Teacher’s Introduction. This table should match your lessons/activities/worksheets to the pre-Sept 2014 Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Assessment Foci, and levels where appropriate. This is for teachers to use as guidance only as we recognize many teachers still value these. Please use the attached template.


2. Remove all other references to the pre-Sept 2014 AFs or levels throughout the remainder of the resource.


3. Remove all references to the National Literacy Strategy or SATs


4. Add any notes to your Teacher’s Introduction that acknowledges the new curriculum requirements and how your resource will help support teachers.

I'm now heavily committed to my MA in Creative Writing. I'm in a lets be creative and get words down on a page. I really don't want to do this task before me...but I'm also a professional who quite likes getting paid.

So with a sad and heavy heart I realised I just had to get on with it.


  1. Aaargh. I hope it is relatively simple and not too time consuming - and that you can get back to where your heart is.

  2. I haven't done any ironing in years, thank goodness. I do understand what you mean though. Good luck with it.