Friday, May 30, 2014

Summary of Writers Retreat

It's Friday. I've woken up with my head aching and a dry mouth. I'm trying to remind myself that a writing retreat is for pleasure. Yesterday, I spent at least eight solid hours at the computer. But this is what I have achieved in a few days. It would have taken weeks at home!

A working title - don't laugh, that's an achievement for me.
I've worked out the theme. I've decided what the story will be about? What is the point it will prove? 
I've developed a story problem from my theme. When your main character’s greatest desire is thwarted, the story problem arises. 
I've decided on the story’s characters and settings to enhance my theme and story problem. 
And constructed rough a plot.

I've written the first 15000 words of my zero draft. I'm not sure how I will spend my last day. I'm hoping to get a few words down on the page before breakfast. That way if other people want to go out I can go with them.

It just shows what you can do if you are able to focus on one project. 

Unfortunately, I've received an email from the educational publisher asking me to make changes to my resources to bring them in line with the changes to the National Curriculum. I have other work I need to get ready for the Winchester Writing Festival, plus other writing jobs on the books for the next couple of weeks. 

If you are interested in booking a weeks writing retreat in France, which includes meals, TWO trips and feedback from a lovely lady with a MA in Creative Writing from Chichester University here are some details:
Margaret Jennings
She is currently working on a webpage for her retreats.


  1. Huge achievements - congratulations.

  2. I think the keyword here is to focus. Wish I was better at that important quality. Have a great day and congratulations with all the headway you're making.