Tuesday, April 22, 2014

W is for Warning

I'm currently studying for a MA in Creative Writing for Children. I have been doing a lot of background reading, and I have discovered what seems to be a pet hate with readers.

Authors who write with an agenda.

If you are writing a morality tale be up front about it. Ok you may have a message you want to pass on. It may be something you believe in and feel passionality about. But it is my belief that writers are artists not moralists. 

Your idea should grow with the story organically. I dislike work in which the writer has imposed their doctrine, even if it's something as simple as eating vegetables in a children's book. I don't like characters to be used to prove the writers point. 

Have you successfully dramatised your point?
Have you stated too many facts?
Does your work read like proganda? 
Does the work feel stale?
Do the characters seem flat, can't you hero be at least tempted to go against their beliefs?

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  1. And, if your agenda is overt, you have failed in my book. And head.