Monday, February 10, 2014

When the week ahead is full of jobs I hate!

This weeks work board isn't as full as usual - but the jobs listed aren't my favourite ones. I can complete three tasks I like faster than one job I hate.

Any week that contains a lot of editing and making changes to MS are hard. I struggle to find the joy in these tasks. I am much more confident in starting a new project. I usually force myself to do unpleasant chores first. This morning I am questioning if this is a good policy.

The day started with having to write a difficult email. One of the best things about being a sole trader is the lack of office politics. Unfortunately, even if you live in a remote location and work for yourself, every so often you have to deal with other people.

My usual tactic is to try to diffuse things with humour. Alas, this is not always possible. I don't like upsetting other people. But when you run groups or organise events occasionally you are asked to be the  person to stand up to the plate and say 'hey - this behaviour isn't cool - stop it.' 

In every communication situation, there are two elements present: The relationship you have with this person, and the issue you are discussing. An effective communicator knows how to separate the person from the issue, and be soft on the person and firm on the issue. I hope I have managed to get the balance right!

Another obstacle to my work week is that there are quite a lot of difficulties in the home life situation. It never ceases to amaze me the ripples a small problem at home can cause in the work zone.
Number 1. The dog is on anti biotics - we have put the tablets in sausage, cheese, corn beef etc. he can eat around anything and spit out the tablet. Grinding it up and mixing with something else is also not working. Being out witted by a dog on a daily bases can effect your confidence level. 

And he's found my secret stash of creme eggs. I am trying to tell myself they can be replaced, but I feel bereaved. And with the floods it's a fifty minute round trip to the nearest shop.

Number 2. Both girls are in a school production and even though they are in the SAME production - they have rehearsals on different days. The school runs are back.

Number 3. Teenage girls - Valentine's Day, I can't even write about the hassle.

Number 4. And most Mums will offer instant sympathy over this. On Saturday it's  number two daughters birthday party. So of course you wake up at three in the morning thinking must remember bread or vegetarian.

I am proud that I have managed to get in my DBS application, (my CRB check ran out two weeks ago,) that I'm up to date on my training, all my books are done and with the accountant. Plus I have also booked the flights for my writing retreat in May AND I have finally got my daughters passport photograph! Yeah! 

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  1. Should I be worried that my name appears at the top of an article about things you hate?!