Thursday, June 20, 2013

Winchester Poetry Cafe

The theme of tonight's poetry cafe is travel, but I've decided to include this in my three poems - just because I like it! Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture of him when we were out.

In Time

In time I came to realise
that I didn't need trains or planes
to find that allusive peace.
It could come with a white tail,
which seldom wagged, instead
tall and alert, navigated murmuring grasses.
Cocked head, vertical ears introduced
me to the secret notes of the wood pigeon,
cracks in under brush, unexplained silence.
How had I missed the life - hovering
over buttercup, clover and daisy?
The scent of wild garlic?
Once upon a time I did not stop
to explore the gap in the root,
missed tell tale rabbit droppings,
mammal skulls and bird wing.
An though I will never fully understand,
the enigmas of his world, for now,
it is enough to accompany him on his safaris.

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