Friday, September 28, 2012

Writing at Fishbourne Roman Palace

Writing is often a solitary occupation. You sit at a laptop or with a pen and paper and try to focus on story and character. However, in reality most areas have great writing communities either on line or in the form of groups and clubs.

I personally like to mix with fellow writers who are up beat and positive, not just to share ideas or tips but for fun. It's really motivating to have a deadline to produce some writing to read at a writing group. And doing writing exercises together is great, but I love to wander for inspiration.

Today I arranged for The Writers @ Lovedean to visit Fishbourne Roman Palace near Chichester. It's great to get the opportunity to sit with a coffee and have a relaxed chat with other writers who understand if you suddenly drift off alone, pull out paper and pen and start to jot down notes furiously. Or perhaps listen while someone mentions how they would like to include a dolphin and a hare in a poem, but are not quite sure how or why. Most of all I think sharing a laugh with other people who share your hobbies and outlook on life a great source of inspiration.

Best of all is when you share the work you have written, and are shocked and surprised at how differently everyone's work is from the same starting point. I went to Fishbourne with preconceived ideas, but once there it all went out of the window. Why? Because I visited it with others discussing holidays, work and pointing out things I didn't notice.

Often these trips are viewed with the pessimistic belief that it won't provide any kind of inspiration, yet every member of the group jotted down a few ideas or was struck with that magic little brain itch that could be a new story.

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