Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quest

The oldest plot line is the quest. The reader follows the heroes story as they search for something. When I was younger I loved stories based on the Arthur legends.  If you want to write a quest story make sure you have all the correct elements. 

Is your story a quest?

Your central character will begin feeling incomplete in his ordinary world.
He/she must be looking for something of vital importance.
You need huge obstacles to be put in the leads journey.
Your central character must change for the better before they reach their objective, or the reader must feel gutted if the story ends in tragedy.


  1. I love Quest stories. So much fun to go on the journey along with the characters.

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  2. I am a big fan of quests. And the evil has to be truly malevolent...
    I think Shelley left out the final quotation mark before the first >.

  3. I have one story that is a true quest story, I began it a long time ago when I was reading a lot of David Eddings :)
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  4. I'm glad I found your site! I learned so much already from your AZ posts. Thanks so much for dropping by mine. Have a meaningful Resurrection weekend.
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  5. As a teenager I read a lot of Nancy Drew mysteries and her quest to solve a mystery. I just found your blog in the A-Z and will catch up reading your posts! Thanks for visiting at
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  6. I suspect my character is on a quest but doesn't know it. :)

  7. My son will read any and everything that could be classified as a quest story. As he is taking the journey through the story - he becomes a better student, more helpful around the house and more eager to face the day. He has total hero potential!

  8. A quest can be an inner emotional journey, also. More subtle and less action.


  9. Great posts--really looking forward to reading more. New follower here! Happy A-Z-ing.

  10. I loved the Arthurian legends, too! A well as the Monty Python version of events ;) Great blog - I've definitely thought of trying to write stories for a book, but don't really know where to begin or how to let my story evolve. You've got some great tips here! Cheers, marci (

  11. Would this include a modern quest for love?

  12. I remember growing up with the Arthurian legends, the magic of Arthur and Guinevere, Merlin, the Holy Grail and Knights of the Round Table. I loved all of it! Quest is a wonderful word. Thank you for this lovely post.

  13. I think to a certain degree all my stories are quests.

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  14. I was never big on the questing aspect, but over time, my fiance has influenced me with his own interests and I enjoy it much more than I used to.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way. :)

  15. Great topic for Q. I'm sure out of the several novel ideas I have that there is a quest some where involved.

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