Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Not Fair Friday Flash Fiction

Carol sat at the back of the church.

"Can you believe the turn out! I didn't get half this many for my special day. There's hardly a seat left."

"Yeah, well yours was on a Wednesday. It's a weird day Wednesday, lots of people were working." James said.

"What about Uncle Brian? He's retired, explain how he's here for my sister but couldn't be bothered to come when it was me."

"I don't know. Maybe he wasn't well, anyway be quiet I want to listen to the reading."

"That's another thing, on my day we were in and out. None of this - people standing up to share - nobody said anything nice about me."

"Carol, shut up."

Carol folded her arms and frowned, "I'm her sister I should be at the front."

James threw her a nasty look and she made do with the occasional tut. When Bethany started to cry quietly she rolled her eyes. "I'm not even mentioned."

"It's not your day, it's Janet's"

Uncle Brian leaned heavily on his stick, "I'd like to read psalm 15..."

"That's a nice choice," James said.

Carol didn't even try to hide her sulky face for the rest of the ceremony.

"Well that was beautiful," James said "are you coming down to the cemetery? I think they are burying her next to mother."

"How come she is being buried next to Mum when I'm at the other end of the cemetery? It's not fair."


  1. We both went with church functions this week! Though yours were still politer than mine.

  2. Oh, nice reveal. I don't think I've ever read of a spiritual sulk before. :)

    Some people will carry their jealousies beyond the grave. :)

  3. You really caught me off guard with the ending. Having seen plenty of jealousy at weddings, I didn't see a funeral coming. Nice work!

  4. Ha! This caught me by surprise--I was thinking birthday parties or something more joyous. Very wry. Peace...

  5. Oh I thought it was a wedding to start with, nice twist, I have a big smile on my face now ^__^

  6. I figured it might be a funeral but this was splendid!